Update from sebi

*Important Notice*

SEBI has changed some rules related to margin and trading.

*1)* Buying and selling of shares will Require Upfront margin from now onwards .

Eg : if you want to buy Reliance shares worth 1lakh you must have 20k rs in your account as cash and rest money to be paid within 2 days...

👆🏻 *major Change* if you want to *sell 1lakh worth of Reliance shares from your holdings for that scenario also you must have min 20k rs in your account* . Failing which penalties will be levied.

👆🏻 *read Carefully* . Selling from holding will also require Upfront margin in cash (Var+ELM)

You can keep extra cash / or can pledge other holdings for the stipulated margin required.

*2)* Shares bought today cannot be sold Tomorrow..

*BTST Closed*

*Eg* You bought Reliance On monday..You can only sell those shares after recieving the delivery of shares. T+2 you can sell in Wednesday

*You can only sell the shares after you receive in Your DP/only after receiving the delivery of shares.*

*3)* Shares Sold Today from delivery..... the funds cannot be used for new trades today.. You can use the funds for new trades the next day

*Eg:* You sold 10,000rs worth of Reliance's shares today.

you cannot use this money to buy fresh shares of other companies. This 10k will be cleared the next day you can use the money next day..

*No changes In options and Futures Rules for Now Till further Notice*

Please note

*All the changes are Made By SEBI brokers are only following the new rules*

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